#SwissTechTalks (12.09.2017 @ Sion)  

How to innovate in the traditional sectors?



At Swiss Tech Association, we hack the learning environment to accelerate international success from tech start-ups based in Switzerland. Our aim is connecting people together, make them share ideas & experiences, so they become stronger.

We are a team of complementary skilled people with different backgrounds that wish to see more ideas become successful product.

We are proud of our country and push for a “Röstiegraben” free environment. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, we encourage curiosity and welcome diversity.

We think World Wide & love the Web !

Swiss Tech Talks

Started end 2013, Swiss Tech Talks are no big events. They’re ment to be collaborative sessions where speakers are going to share their experiences about subjects like innovative technologies, product design & management, work methodology, user experience design and so on.


Looking for exciting meetings & unacademic learning spirit? Willing to be part of our fast growing network? Interested in giving us a hand on bringing innovation players togeter? You’re welcome in the Swiss Tech Family!


By our collective approach, Swiss Tech Association unites the digital ecosystem in order to enable the rise of innovative ideas that don’t necessarily rely on heavy & risky investments. With this aim in mind, we enjoy the confidence of many partners that financially help us to make it happen.