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E L    M A N I F E S T O

Everybody adds value

Whether you are a student, a designer, an engineer, a business guy, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a hobbyist or an entirely different mammal altogether; we all want to share and learn from each other while having fun.

Innovation is our passion

We are a collective of technology enthusiasts and share a fascination for how in todays connected environment we, as individuals and societies, are evolving and changing.

Disagreements are awesome

Opinions are important, especially when they come from others. In stimulating conversations, in this context we have the opportunity to exchange our points of view, leave our comfort zone and think outside the box.

At 7 PM, Pushing product is no bueno

Swiss Tech Talks are all about sharing ideas and experiences. We try to avoid directly selling products or services -- each Speaker has a his own story to tell and is a starting point for conversations.

Sharing is caring

While all Swiss Tech Talks are limited to 30 people, it's so all of us can have a voice and share as much as possible together.  Having said that, we aren't afraid of breaking from convention, indeed we are into that -- Have a question? Ask it right away!  Remember, everything that is said, shown and done can be shared to a larger crowed through our beloved Internet.

The Röstigraben is a myth

We love Switzerland’s diversity and are aimed at having events in the German, French & Italian speaking part of the country. Everybody is welcome; all genders, creeds & colours, citizens or expats.