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Launchlabs, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel


Launchlabs, Basel
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20.04.2017 | Crowdfunding and beyond!

Legal & Finance

Géraud de Laval 

Talk Language: English 

The 23rd of January 2016, Géraud de Laval launched a kickstarter project: the Pomocup, the ski mountaineering device. Why did he decide to go for a crowdfunding campaign? How did he prepare it? What were the goals of the campaign? In this talk, his aim is to discuss and answer these questions with you! 

08.06.2017 |  Building a Product with Deep Learning: Promises and Perils


Gregory Mermoud

Talk Language: English

Machine learning, fueled by the recent breakthroughs of deep learning, has reached the top of the hype cycle in 2016. As we enter the trough of disillusionment, many companies, large and small, are bringing machine learning into their product, often with mixed results at best. There are many reasons to include machine learning in your product, but also many reasons not to do so. This talk will give you some simple recipes and intuitions to make the right decision for your next wave of innovation.

25.09.2017 | The Design Sprint: UX & Design Thinking - Google Venture’s way

Design & UX

Stéphane Cruchon

Talk Language: English

Speed, disruption, risk management... Today’s companies and start-ups face major challenges while conceiving their new products and services.

We live in an exciting time in the field of digital design. New tools now allow you to prototype and test a website or mobile app in a matter of days.

To support this change, designers need to review the way they collaborate with the client. We'll see how Design Sprint, a methodology created by Google UX specialists, can help us develop better products faster. 


30.10.2017 | How to manage remote teams efficiently?

Business Foundations 

Dominik Stankowski

Talk Language: English 

When working with a remote team, keeping its cohesiveness, communication and productivity can be a challenge. How do you get all members to stay on track and communicate? This talk aims to provide you with possible solutions and tools to minimize these barriers. 

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