Swiss Tech Talks


19:00 to 20:30


La Werkstadt, Rue de la Gare 5, 2502 Biel

Innocampus, Nidau (Biel)
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13.02.2017 | KISS your UX workflow

Design & UX

Sebastian Haag

Talk Language: English

Is there a commonly accepted user experience workflow? Probably not, and there is a good reason for that — every product is different and so are UX teams. During this talk, Sebastian will share his journey in establishing the workflow at the digital agency Superhuit. He will start with the basics, explain how they structured their project from A to Z and more important, how they defined it. This talk is for everyone and only requires curiosity for digital product design and development.




20.03.2017 | CHATBOTS: Potential revolution or Hype?


Nicolas Dengler 

Talk Language: French 

Chatbots are a new way for users to interact with services and brands directly in messaging application like Facebook Messenger. The topic is hot in the media and hundreds of projects, thousands of new bots are emerging each month. But is this a real evolution or just a temporary hype which will fade away soon? 

Nicolas Denteler has been working on different chatbots launched in Switzerland. He will share his experience on the path to build these new services, the new challenges that they represent and some feedback and results from live projects. He will share a view of the ecosystem and the reason why chatbots may not be the final solution for services. Chatbots are, however, a necessary step in a world where Artificial Intelligence and services like Siri are becoming a commodity. 




15.05.2017 | Digital Marketing Campaigns Budgeting and Measuring

Legal & Finance

Julien Ringot

Talk Language: French 

You decide to start your online business. You are aware you need to promote your service and you have an idea of what you should do. But one question remains: How can I be sure to invest my money in the right campaigns? PPC, PPA, CTR, CPM, LTV or ROI, understand the meaning behind the jargon and learn how to build your own performance models.




20.11.2017 | Cryptocurrencies:  Transformation of the Swiss Financial landscape


Alexis Roussel

Talk Language: French

The financial world lives an unprecedented crisis. Finance is seen as one of the most vulnerable industries to disruption by software because financial services, much like publishing, are made of information rather than concrete goods.  

Crypto-currencies like bitcoins are easier to use than you think. Beyond the jargon of cryptography and the obscur inner workings of the blockchain, learn what it's like to run a business around it and discover its potentially disruptive impact on our financial system with Alexis Roussel co-founder of Bity.




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