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19:00 to 20:30


Le Salon du Bleu Café, Fbg du Lac 27, 2000 Neuchâtel

Le Salon du Bleu, Neuchâtel
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13.03.2017 | Investor: Who, What, When? 

Business Foundations 

Alexandre Peyraud 

Talk Language: French 

Investor relations are extremely relevant. Attracting their interest, deciding the best time to establish a relationship with them and how to do so are vital issues. 

To contact an investor, yes, but when, for how much and what does it involves is the subject of this talk. 


22.05.2017 | From lean startup to machine industry 

Innovation & Thinking

Cédric Queloz

Talk Language: French 

Is the Swiss industry on the verge of disappearing or on the contrary at a turning point that will make the survivors stronger?

Is the strength of the Swiss franc a fatality or an opportunity? Are structural and wage costs in Switzerland impossible to overcome or balanced by the competitiveness / productivity of enterprises? What are the levers that allow companies to reinvent themselves, do we have to make a race for innovation, one to cut costs, or both? Is LEAN a social danger or the road to operational excellence?

Is industry 4.0 (IoT, big data, dematerialization / digitization) really a revolution or a simple technological evolution which risks / opportunities can be derived from it? How can it help to address the above issues? Is it a charge, a risk, an investment or a complement to the LEAN?

This interactive talk will aim to share the visions of each one, to clarify some elements with a specific experience and strategy (Rollomatic) and finally to try to find answers or at least to debate the stakes of the Swiss industry in general and the machine tool one in particular, and the means available to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

02.10.2017 | Share more, pay less: The Insurtech Revolution

Legal & Finance

Ralph Rimet

Talk Language: French 

The insurtech revolution is an answer for the new needs and expectations of consumers in the insurance’s market. This industry is, however, complex and highly regulated, marked with a heavy competition. How is insurtech revolutionizing the insurance’s market? Will the big insurance institutions cannibalise the new start-ups? What are the new players and their roles? Through this talk, Ralph Rimet will share his insights about insurtech’s world, how can you possibly benefit from it, as well as future expectations. 

27.11.2017 | Development of your personal branding through blogging

Marketing / Communication 

Matthieu Corthesy

Talk Language: French 

Blogs have revolutionize the sharing of knowledge, having currently more than 77% of Internet users often consulting them. Thanks to this, bloggers such as Loïc Le Meur, Garance Doré and Pete Cashmore de Mashable have become famous. How can a blog help you develop your personal branding? Is this also possible in Switzerland? Can one live from his blog in our regions? How to get started on a blog adventure? This Talk will aim to answer these questions by sharing with you my experience as founder of the blog, seen by over 30'000 people every month.

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