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19:00 to 20:30


Espace Création, Rue de la Dixence 10, 1950 Sion

Espace Création, Sion
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16.02.2017 | Utility and validity of the Assessment to increase the Collaborators' skills

Business Foundations

Félix Hauswirth

Talk Language: French

Whenever one starts an entrepreneurial adventure, one would like to find competent collaborators, multi-faceted... with an effective and efficient recruiting process! Our guest speaker will give you some guidelines to unveil the field of human resources. 

09.05.2017 | Be SMART with Online payment


Marc Lamarche 

Talk Language: French 

E-commerce is often associated with commission fees on prohibitive credit cards. This talk will look into the various online payment solutions, some of which have been developed in Switzerland.  

12.09.2017 | How to innovate in the traditional sectors?

Business Foundations 

Nadine Cuany-Yersin

Talk Language: French

When it comes to innovation, we usually think about robots, high technology or even scientific discoveries. The emergence of new businesses as Knip, On My Way or Uber, shows that all sectors of activities need innovation, even the traditional ones.  

By co-creating yalty two years ago, Nadine Cuany decided to take up this challenge and innovate in the field of human resources management. During this talk, she share her experience, the challenges encountered and also the solutions to them. 


10.10.2017 | E-Sport and its opportunities in Switzerland

Innovation & Thinking

Nicolas Pidancet

Talk Language: French 

While PSG and the largest clubs are buying teams, while the city of Los Angeles promises to integrate E-Sport into the 2024's Olympic Games disciplines, the media and the general public are still relatively hermetic to the concept of electronic sport. The scale of the phenomenon will, however, push them to open their eyes : The ludic video entertainment world is undergoing profond changes. 

A packed stadium, coach, analysts, nutritionists, professional players that are worth millions, commentated and translated matchs into dozens of languages...  the audience of the competitions follows an incomparable growth, and an entire industry is built with it. E-Sport is yet struggling to institutionalize itself.

In 5 years, the video game industry, larger than the Cinema and Music industries together, finds itself in turmoil of its pillars. How to understand the global enthusiasm for E-Sport and its perspectives ? How is the high-audience sports industry experiencing the digital revolution ?  The E-Sport development in Switzerland is rather shy when internationally comparing, but nature abhors emptiness, and this offers many entrepreneurial opportunities and free fields to innovations! 

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